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Since the start in 1989, MIAB has created air purification systems for the removal of solvents from process air.

MIAB achieves efficient purification with very low energy consumption through the use of adsorption filters and catalytic oxidation to remove solvents from process air.

The MIAB system’s functions

MIAB’s system is highly adaptable and can be used for any mode of operation, from intermittent to continuous. This entails a system that is cost-effective, both in terms of investment and operating expenses.

Activated carbon is used as an adsorbent because it has incomparably better physical properties than other adsorbents. Activated carbon is made up of many different sizes of pores. This means that activated carbon can adsorb a variety of solvents. This quality distinguishes activated carbon as a superior adsorbent.

The catalytic oxidiser is powered by electricity. This promotes the use of environmentally friendly electrical energy, which aids in the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The MIAB system is designed to use the energy of the adsorbed solvent to radically reduce the need for additional energy during the regeneration/desorption phase.

The system contains fixed activated carbon beds. The advantage of fixed beds is that the desorption phase is flexible and simple. The MIAB system regenerates active carbon when the filters are saturated with solvent. This leads to a significantly lower operating cost.

The unique design ensures that the solvent concentration is nearly uniform during desorption. As a result, the combustion unit can be designed to have a lower and more consistent concentration, resulting in lower energy consumption.