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This system is suitable for high airflows and relatively low solvent concentrations.


The system consists of:
• An adsorption unit with activated carbon filter and a main fan.
• A catalytic oxidation unit.

1. The air is purified and the solvent is concentrated in the carbon filter.
2. Regeneration of carbon filter and elimination of the solvent in the oxidation unit.

Control system

MIAB’s purification system requires minimal monitoring and control. When the factory’s production begins, the MIAB system automatically starts. When production is halted in the factory, the system detects that no solvent is reaching the purification process and automatically stops.

When production is running, the purification system is monitored and controlled by a PLC that receives signals from the system’s sensors.

The operational system can be controlled remotely partly by the customer and partly by MIAB’s service centre. All operating parameters can be adjusted immediately to achieve the highest level of operational efficiency and purification.

All of the facility’s parameters are registered and logged to ensure its proper operation and high availability.

Logged parameters include availability, the amount of oxidised VOC, energy consumption, operating time, and process-related data such as alarms, temperatures, and pressure drop information. All deviations are automatically sent to MIAB’s service centre via email.

The system can continuously generate reports that describe both the systems availability and the amount of VOCs oxidised.